Beam me up!

One of the coolest parts of this job is transforming small rooms into larger spaces. Load bearing walls hold a lot of homeowners back from opening up spaces but usually, adding a beam can fix that. Here are a few pictures of the beam we put in earlier this week.

Beam 1 Beam 2.jpg Beam 3.jpg

She’s such a beauty! 😉

But in all seriousness, it’s extremely important to consult an engineer before starting a major project like this. Ensuring the beam is the proper size and has proper placement is required, and unfortunately not all load-bearing walls can be replaced by a beam. But if you can open up any space in your home, I highly recommend doing so!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It’s time to clean out those gutters, trim those trees and get ready for summer! It still feels like winter here in Oregon but summer IS on the way, we hope! In fact, while we grab our coats and hats for today’s 58 degree high, tomorrow is forecasted to be around 80 degrees! With that said please contact us if you or a family member needs help getting up on the roof or up in trees to start cleaning up after our long winter. Happy spring cleaning 🙂

The Leon Project

The Leon Project

We are at it again! Our first renovation was the very first house we owned. It was a sweet little thing at only 1100 square feet with a carport instead of a garage. By the time we were finished with it, it was still 1100 square feet but a few walls had been knocked out and a few other walls had been added. People couldn’t believe it was only 1100 sf because it felt big. Oh, also, it has a garage now 🙂 I think back to that house often, especially when paying bills due to the fact that our mortgage was pennies compared to what it’s been the past few years. It’s also, were my husband’s business as a general contractor took off, and where we started our family.

After we moved on from that house, we stepped it way up and bought a move-in ready home. A beautiful, typical, suburban house. No white picket fence, but pretty darn close. It had an amazing back yard that my kids played in rain or shine. We had the BEST neighbors and the perfect cul-de-sac for riding bikes and scooters. But, there was something missing. It was finished already. Sure I could expand the kitchen, or knock out the dining room wall to open it up more. But for the most part, it was a finished house that didn’t need any work. And I got bored.

So up on the market it went. And it sold THAT SAME DAY. And we were thrilled and devastated at the same time. My babies learned to walk and talk and be people there. But that’s life. Sometimes good things are sad too. Now I had to focus on where we were going to go next. Initially I wanted property. I wanted to build our dream home on a couple acres. Here in the pacific northwest, acreage is hard to come by so I was a little premature in thinking it was going to be easy. And on a single income budget with private school tuition, we quickly realized that those dreams were going to have to wait. We were going to have to settle. So what did we do??? We decided to buy another FIXER! I’m almost more excited about this little place than I was about buying land and building a new home. This is a bit of an upgrade from our Sunrise house… by about 290 square feet! Look out!! But as soon as I walked in I could see my family there. We’ll knock out this wall, and move the kitchen over to this side of the room, and paint the brick fireplace, and of course, new floors, new paint, new EVERYTHING! It’s basically like building a new home. We are still in the buying process so hopefully things won’t fall threw but this new little gem has been deemed The Leon Project. And I can’t wait to share more with you.